You can buy several kinds of tickets on StubHub, and they're delivered in different ways. No matter how you get them, we'll email you when they're ready.

• Guest users must use their email, phone number, and access code to see their ticket details. Check out these instructions.
• Registered users will log in and go to My tickets >

See how your tickets will arrive and when you'll get them (if they're not ready yet) under the order total. If your tickets are:

• Mobile transfer: We'll email instructions to get your mobile tickets. Check out our help video.

Need help accessing your mobile tickets? Please contact us.

Mobile ticket: Use the StubHub app to view the tickets and scan them at the event.

Flash Seats (AXS): We'll email instructions to get your tickets. Set up a Flash Seats (AXS) account using the same email you use on StubHub. You'll add a credit card or driver's license (where available) to swipe at the event. You can also use the Flash Seats app to scan your tickets.

Mobile or print: Use the StubHub app to scan them at the event. You can also click Get tickets on a desktop to view and print.

Electronic or Instant download (PDF): You need to print these tickets by clicking the Get tickets button

Instant download tickets: These are ready within a few minutes of your order. It can sometimes take up to an hour (we appreciate your patience!)

Electronic tickets: These will be ready by the date shown before you bought them and in your order confirmation email. Sellers have until the end of that day to send them.

UPS: They'll be delivered to the address you chose when you bought them. We'll email you when they're in-transit. Use the tracking number to see when they'll arrive.

Pickup: You'll pick up your tickets on event day. Click the View pickup details link on the order for info.

Based on the kind of ticket you have, check out the possible delivery statuses to see when you'll get your tickets.