StubHub tickets come in many different types. Some (like Instant download or Electronic) are printable. Others (like Mobile ticket, Mobile transfer, or UPS) aren't.

Not all events have printable tickets, which is why you may not see these options.

Step #1: Make sure you bought the kind of tickets you can print. These will be Instant download or Electronic .PDF tickets.

Registered users: Go to My tickets > Orders 
Guest users: Log into your guest account using these instructions

Step #2: If your tickets are ready, click Get tickets to download them

• Did a new page open? Check the original tab or window to see if the tickets loaded there
• We don't recommend showing a PDF on your phone at the gate

If your tickets aren't ready, you won't be able to click Get tickets

Check the Ready by date in your order details to see when you can expect them
We'll email you when they're ready to download